Spending Saturday making a sculpture.  Using materials that really allow experimentation and exploration.  Making something of emotional and personal value.  Telling a story with each decision.  Ethan and Natalie did a great job and had a lot of fun.....

He started with a sketch.  He is detail focused and was able to put it into 3D. Next steps will be color and glazing! 

Drawn to the Night...DTTN

Went to the Plymouth Arts Council for live model drawing last night. Small turn out last night, hope to see more people next month.  Very fun.

jumping the train

After a game of hide and seek on the train.  Theo (Scamper) jumps train with Roger's (Mousey) backpack with his untested "secret" tool to protect against cats.  He needs to find him before he runs into the form of Marley the cat.

Still working on scene sketches and the script due in a few weeks.