Roger tells his story

 Roger sits on Gruff's food dish while telling him about his lost friend Theo. . . . Still falling behind on the writing, my schedule will need rethinking.  Really having trouble putting an outline together. . . more soon. . .

Clues to Find

A game of "

hide and seek

" has Theo mouse leaving clues all over town for Roger mouse to find.  Here is one left on the hand of a clock in the town Library.

I did this in Manga Studio. Roger's backpack is a mix of different found scraps sewn together. His hat will be one of Roger's inventions that help him defend himself against cats!  Still working on more sketches of key scenes before I attempt to get into a full script.  Trying not to fall behind with my timeline...but know I most likely will.....

jumping the train

After a game of hide and seek on the train.  Theo (Scamper) jumps train with Roger's (Mousey) backpack with his untested "secret" tool to protect against cats.  He needs to find him before he runs into the form of Marley the cat.

Still working on scene sketches and the script due in a few weeks.

Swoop and the Mouse

Still adding some characters to my story...went camping for the last few days internet, no a few sketches done at night.

Swoop, the hawk, meets my main guy...the little mouse.  They will become best of friends, but the first meeting is filled with anxiety for the little you can imagine.  As Swoop is sizing him up, "mousey" (as Natalie calls him) looks to defend himself with his sewing needle...more to come