Warm Up Sketches

Here are a few captured warm up sketches looking at simple shapes and gestures and a few faces.  Quick studies to loosen up your thoughts and get the juices going.  I used to doodle like this more often.  I kept a sketch pad by my desk at the office at all times.  Now I tend to do these during meetings or anytime I have a few spare moments.  These were all done before I went into to work in the morning.  Just let the pencil strokes take you where they may.  Something always comes from this if you give it a good 30 min. of play time.

2 warm up.jpg


Here is the start of another "Art Parent" hand out, for the grade school class.

Drawing robots with simple shapes....

Here is a possible cover....

old robots

Found this in a pile of sketches ....a few years old but I thought the robot was fun....

Ethan's robots

Ethan and I have been dreaming up robots to do all sorts of things.  Here are a few of our creations: