Pirate Fight

Here is a softening and more playful look at my fighting pirates.  Next step is the cover Art and Text.



Pirates for Halloween

     Gearing up for Halloween this year!  I am planning on doing some small coloring/sketch books about Witches and Pirates!  These will be process books highlighting the details and simple shape techniques designed to engage the little ones.  I like putting details in my drawings, but I need to find a nice mix between keeping it simple and playful without being dull. I want the kids to learn to have expressive drawings, be dramatic and fluid with line and shapes.  Here is a sketch before bed to start things off....I had fun with this one, ARRRGGGGH!.


Camping Creatures

     After a pretty busy summer, trying to get back into the comics and stories. We had a good set of little adventures over the past few weeks.  Now it is the last days of vacation and the kids are getting back to school. I did sign up for my daughter's "Art Parent" volunteer in her 4th grade class.  My oldest is out of grade school and won't be getting any more of my visits. This class will be a split with 3rd and 4th graders.  I can use my previous books and drawings but many of the kids have seen these so I need to develop a few new books.  Usually I ask my kids their preferences but if anyone has any ideas....


     Here is a page I am working on that came from a conversation with my girl while in the Porcupine Mountains. I was sharing my knowledge of the little known woodland creatures.  Animals seldom seen or talked about in class. She is so lucky to have me as her window to the world of science.  There was the "Crock-a-Squirrel" who hangs in the tree and wait to pounce.  The "Trail Trout" that constantly moves the path after you walk it,  which explains why I have trouble finding my way back to the car.  The "Mud Bear" is the creature that makes that "toot" sound from behind, sounding  like a middle aged man passing wind....we walked over several on that trip.  We ran into a few more animals and bugs that should appear here...


Inking last page


This is the final page for SUPERCOW 1 comic.  I hope to unleash on the 2nd graders as a coloring book edition. The editing process has been longer than expected but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a challenge to find quiet time that isn't at 1:30 am.  I am starting to get a better workflow with less backtracking on story or art style. I can see changes in inking styles over the 28 pages.  My roughs had much more energy then the finals so I started to use them more.  Text edits are next...