Week 3 of Inktober

Week 3 of Inktober

Hound dog sketches for Inktober daily challenge.

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Facing Your Dragon

Sketching creatures is always fun. You can do almost anything and make it work because the subject matter is suppose to be unrealistic, fun and exaggerated.  This is a favorite topic for me to bring into the classroom.  The more outlandish the better, and it teaches the kids to use their own imagination, not just draw something they see on TV.  

This sketch started from thick line thumbnail sketches to just get an idea and gesture in place.  I like the inking and line work detail of the process.  With a flick of the wrist and a calligraphy pen you can get an evil grin, or expressive eyebrows.  The thick and thin is and randomness of the line is what I like about this style.  Some of my preliminary sketches are more expressive even in rough stages.  The trick is to add detail without losing the energy of the line in the early preliminary work.  Keep sketching!

The final image....

Initial color

Viking Inktober

A quick Inktober Viking sketch before bed....Thinking about creating a sketchbook - ebook of this type of content, maybe a coloring book?  We will see....

Inktober Selfi...

Well you probably don't look as fresh and lively as I do...but...

When and where do you do your most creative work?  

Draw a selfi for Inktober and share... 

drawing on Cintq

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Looking at a fun tall guy pirate for another Pager on body types for Oct 20th and the Pirate sketchbook


The Singing Pirates

I am playing with different pens and liking the variation in size.  The line work is more like a fine point felt marker and the darks are more of a brush pen.  This was done, as usual, in Manga Studio 5EX.

Pirates new pen.JPG