drawn to the night

DTTN in Plymouth

Drawn to the Night in Plymouth...our last month event....live drawing at

Plymouth Arts Council

 smaller turnout than previous weeks. But still interesting and fun...

5 min to 20 min sketches....

DTTN "Drawn To The Night" last night

Another good event in Plymouth hosted by

Kirbi Fagan

at the

Plymouth Arts Council.

 Live drawing session with local artist.  The Atomic Age theme ...If you don't come for the drawing, come for the Food.  A great spread of sweets and wine!  Even the Evil


(John Martin) was there.  Very kid friendly and fun.  

Drawn to the night

June's life drawing in plymouth at the Arts Council 

Drawn To the Night-Arabian Nights

The went to the monthly life drawing class at the Art Council down the street.. .this is a great chance to draw with others and get a sense of community.  They recently opened it up to kids.  . . a lot of fun! These are quick studies about 15 min to 30 min sessions. Models are in costume based on the theme of the night.