Feel the Bern...


I guess I was sketching with the debates on my mind.  Actually I support Hillary, but thought it would be funny to hear Robin as the voice of the Mellennials ...I promise not to get political (on this site) after this....(Natalie wants to know who "Mellennial" sweet)

Natalie in a Dress

Not that my girl would wear a dress but, here is a little sketch on a Sunday afternoon.

Greenfield Village Opening day

Went out last weekend to watch baseball at Greenfield Village near Detroit.  Perfect day, great weather and good game!  Got a few sketches in and photoshop'ed them together

...Been watching

Will Terrell

on youtube

His notebooks are fun and got me trying different things with my sketching.

They don't play with baseball gloves...bare hands!  You sit in the grass close to all the action.

The rules and uniforms are from 1867!  Very fun! HUZZAH!!!

From my window