Art Parent last 5th grade visit

Went to visit the third grade and fifth grade classrooms. We drew cars, pickle cars, rocket cars, ketchup cars and future cars! I did feel challenged presenting because the students just wanting to ask questions constantly. My kids mentioned that I talked a little to much, more drawing please. I was happy using the computer and a projector in third grade class. It worked out pretty good. This was the last visit of the year and probably the last one for my oldest son who's in fifth grade. I'm going to miss this.

Car sketch day

Another boring meeting ended in a few sketches...thought I would add color and send to Ethan's 2nd grade teacher...going in Friday for another "Art Parent" day! Always a great change of pace and the kids are fun to draw with. Marker sketches ...dried out tip for texture...color via photoshop..check out paint spatter brush
any car guys ....don't laugh these were just some fun doodles...give me a break!:)