Bed Time

Color Ogre

Tried it with a different color scheme to get more contrast and more of a sense of danger.  I hope this puts a little more punch to the image...Through in some texture overkill also but I need to build up a good collection of textures ....any way time for bed.
Just a quick study in color a little texture...done in Photoshop.  This was drawn with some brush markers and fine tip felt markers...Arthur looks down and sees the crack in the bridge and the chickens give him an idea.

The Ogre and King Arthur

Here is another improvised bed time story for my kids. King Arthur was called to save a village from an evil Ogre.  (...not like Shrek)... Arthur could not overpower the huge beast and was forced to retreat.  He found a narrow bridge which he realized could not hold the weight of the Ogre. Using his wits he taunted the monster by dancing like a chicken until the Ogre lost his evil temper and ran across the bridge.  Half way across the bridge collapsed and Ogre fell into the river and was carried out to sea and away for the village forever.  Not the greatest story but trying to teach the kids what happens when you lose your temper.  Also, that fighting my not always be the best option.  The chicken dancing seemed to be the favorite part for them...anyway...

The Purple Dragon

This was a bed time story about King Arthur and the Purple Dragon.  Woken from his Purple mountain cave by rude townspeople, the dragon marched toward the beautiful city of White Oak burning all in sight.  Arthur stopped the Dragon with by appealing to his heart, convincing him not to let foolish words destroy a town truly unique and beautiful.  The village, and the one of a kind white oak tree at its center, where saved from the dragon's wrath.

Pawn's life

The kids wanted to learn a little chess.  So I tried to teach a few of the moves the pieces made. A little early for any serious games but they really had fun playing with the pieces.  This sketch shows a King send forward his pawn while the queen looks worried and the captured pieces are standing on the sidelines.