Art Parent Comics

        For the last Art Parent we did story telling and comics.  My son's teacher dressed up for Halloween as the character "Super Cow" ...very funny.  He also has a evil villain visiting the room called the EVB (Evil Villain in Black) Who steals pencils and takes bites out of lunch time sandwiches.  I made a small 4 pager with open speech balloons for the kids to fill in.  We had fun and I tried to sketch some of Ethan's classmates in the scenes was a fun finish to a really good year
....can't wait till it's Natalie's turn for 2nd grade!

The scene opens in the secret lair of the hero known as Super Cow.  A barn on the outskirts of the city. As SC reviews his crime monitoring devices he sees something is not right at the school and calls his special helpers, the 2nd grade class

Our teacher rallies his troops and gives them what all little kids like....small crime fighting robots to be planted around the school looking for someone up to no good. (sorry if this is a little big brotherish...but Ethan loves robots and this is the best I could do in the time I had)

The little cameras pick up children in the Gym.  Some evil doer has planted extra stinky socks in the class.  The little robots catch the EVB in the act with his bag of dirty tricks!

SUPER COW is on the way to the rescue! fill in the blanks...