About Me

I work in the Automotive field in Michigan as an Industrial Designer.  As a graduate of College for Creative Studies in Detroit I have enjoyed a good career in product design.  I have always loved to sketch and draw.
I use a wacom Cintiq display....

I also use Photoshop and Painter programs for 2D work, as well a felt markers for sketching.

As a kid I stayed up in bed sketching, trying not to let mom know I was still awake.  As an adult,  I seem to still stay awake late at night sketching only now on the computer.

I believe sketching, as well as the broader topic of art,  is still not encouraged enough in our schools.  I see art as much more than craft, but as a way of thinking and essential in encouraging "seeing" and "listening".  I feel far to often we focus on "action" instead of "solution".  Art focuses the mind and opens it up to  possibilities and we need to teach this to our children no matter what profession they pursue.  Art is much more than self expression and personal theropy, it helps promote creativity and the ability to navigate between the micro and the macro often at the same time.  Art unlocks the creativity needed to look for new solutions, redefining our challenges,  rather than resign ourselves to our current limitations.