Drawing Pigs for 5th graders

     Natalie was out sick for her Birthday last week. So my Art Parent visit was postponed one week.  For her birthday,  she asked me to visit and draw cute pigs with her class. She is my helper, to pass out paper, sometimes even sketch on the computer in front of class. I was not as prepared as I was hoping, but things worked out.  I have started to record You Tube sketching.  I was able to play these in the background as I sketched with the kids.

      I broke elements down to the simplest shapes and lines possible.  In an hour, with 30 kids, I asked the teacher to bring forward small groups of 7 or 8 to sketch with individually on newsprint.  I need to draw simple and fast, but it is fun to respond to questions and requests. All the while the video is playing on the classroom display screen.  Here is a sample of a sketch booklet I hand out ....think BIG!

Sketch booklet