Super Cow

      I participate in a grade school program called "Art Parent" at my kids school.  I have had a chance to go in and draw with the kids in kindergarten through 4th grade so far.  I think the best experience has been with the second grade class.  Kids are focused enough to draw and its still fun.  I set the class out on a drawing assignment after introducing a topic...Next I have the teacher send me groups of 6 or 7 students to sit with me and draw on a large newsprint pad for about 10 min. rotating through the whole class.  I have them show me their drawings and I improvise a drawing with the small groups in these sessions.
      I have also brought in worksheets to get their focus on storytelling and mixing writing with images. Super Cow was a workbook based on the teachers very creative Halloween costume and characters. The kids love it when Mr. Lloyd plays Super Cow and his nemesis the super Villain EVB, (Evil Villain in Black)...Here is the cover a short workbook I plan to bring in just before Halloween this year...stay tuned.