Thanks for the comments, I used "Manga Studio" Software. It is a great program for line work and layout of multiple pages. The  pen sensitivity is better than "Photoshop" or "Sketch Book Pro" but "Painter" is still good for color and line. . although I got away from Painter because of glitches in the software. I do a lot of drawing on the couch with my "Motion Computing Tablet". .. an e-bay purchase a few months ago.  Otherwise I use a Cintiq Display.   Below are some process shots.... I hope they make sense. I use separate layers for line, thicker line and large dark areas. I use standard Manga brushes, but am starting to experiment with custom brushes.
     Again, thanks for the interest.... Let me know how  your story is coming along.... I still have to send my finished Mini Comic in!.. . . just a few tweaks left... . follow me here or on Google plus. . .