What a visit means ...

Theme of the visit

I started visiting the classroom when the kids entered kindergarten. We have a wonderful "Art Parent" program sponsored by the Plymouth Arts Council here in town.  Originally i brought a large newsprint pad and pencils.  Over time I have added a number of materials that I can leave with the teacher and students.

Books for Class.JPG

Mini books 

With each visit, I would explore a new topic. Drawing Pirates or Birds ....The booklets are simple enough. The start with basic shapes and key characteristics and lead to ideation on whole characters.  The students each get one and can draw, color or trace as they see fit. But it is theirs to keep. 


Tablet and Projector

As the classes seemed to grow.   I experiment with tools like these in speaking and drawing to the whole class at once.    



Newsprint beginnings

Simple easy to draw shapes seem to work best. Speed is important, as the attention span of k-5 can, at times, be tested.  I try to sketch characters with some student input.  But keep the sketches quick and simple, under a minute long.  I want to show that this level of sketch is fun, quick and that they should experiment with as many creatures as possible.