ink sketchbook

The Singing Pirates

I am playing with different pens and liking the variation in size.  The line work is more like a fine point felt marker and the darks are more of a brush pen.  This was done, as usual, in Manga Studio 5EX.

Pirates new pen.JPG

Who is the Chimp!

Still trying to get things working!  Thanks for downloading and keep sketching!


Interview with Arvind...

Talking about Design. Sketching and other fun stuff! ...posting soon.


League 7

And just like that the game was over....


Trying out new pens in Manga Studio 5.  These are done with a variation of the calligraphy pen.  I really like the thick and thin aspect,  it adds a little energy to the sketch lines.

DTTN cowboys

"Drawn To the night"..(DTTN)

The theme for last Friday, was Cowboys! we had a good turn out around the camp fire.

New Tablet "Girl in the Air"

Been having a hard time getting back into sketching lately.  Not really sure why, guess its just been a busy summer.  Just bought a new drawing tablet and am still getting the bugs out.

Here is a little test sketch on the new ASUS just another doodle that had a life of its own,

Little monsters

Post-it sketches

Sketches while waiting for my computer to finish processing animations...

Swoop and the Mouse

Still adding some characters to my story...went camping for the last few days internet, no a few sketches done at night.

Swoop, the hawk, meets my main guy...the little mouse.  They will become best of friends, but the first meeting is filled with anxiety for the little you can imagine.  As Swoop is sizing him up, "mousey" (as Natalie calls him) looks to defend himself with his sewing needle...more to come